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GorillaTrades vs. The Motley Fool Stock Advisor 2021 Comparison

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If you’re looking to invest in single stocks, you may not have time to analyze and pick winners on your own. Stock picking services from The Motley Fool and Gorilla Trades are designed to help you put winning stocks into your portfolio. So keep reading to learn more about The Motley Fool vs. Gorilla Trades if you’re looking for help with your investment decisions.

Motley Fool vs. Gorilla Trades Quick Overview

The Motley Fool and Gorilla Trades are both fairly well-known stock picking services. But each caters to a different type of portfolio.

About The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool and its signature Stock Advisor service focus on buying a portfolio of stocks for long-term investing. Motley Fool looks at a stock’s fundamentals and long-term outlook. And then it suggests buying and holding a group of stocks for a decade or more. You can build a buy-and-hold portfolio with the guidance of The Motley Fool.

How The Motley Fool Works

The Motley Fool is a stock picking service that sends out regular updates to investors on which stocks it thinks are worth buying. Recommendations are released every Thursday and come from either Tom or David Gardner, the brothers who founded The Motley Fool.

Stock Advisor is the flagship service at The Motley Fool, which also offers other premium subscriptions. According to The Fool, Stock Advisor has achieved a return of 544% since its founding compared to 127% from the S&P 500, as of May 20, 2021. That’s an impressive track record. At any given time, The Motley Fool recommends around 10 stocks to buy.

Get more details from our full Motley Fool Review or keep reading for a head-to-head Motley Fool vs. Gorilla Trades showdown.

About Gorilla Trades

gorilla trades

Gorilla Trades is a service for active traders. It relies on technical analysis (read about Technical analysis and fundamental analysis here). This means analyzing a stock’s price movements to project whether the stock price will go up or down. This is ideal for active traders who want to enter more complex trade orders and get involved with their portfolios on a daily basis.

How The Gorilla Trades Works

Gorilla Trades is an active stock-picking system that analyzes 6,000 stocks every night, looking for those that meet a set of requirements for different technical parameters. This allows the service to predict “trigger prices” for buy and sell actions.

Subscribers get the “Evening Email” every day with updates and predictions tracking stocks to various target prices. It encourages traders to utilize automated stop loss and limit orders to capture gains and limit losses.

There are dozens of stocks in the Gorilla Trades portfolio at any given time, with one or two new picks per day. But that can vary as it won’t suggest stocks that don’t meet the Gorilla Trades criteria.

Unique Features: The Motley Fool vs. Gorilla Trades

  • The Fool takes a jesting approach to investing and makes its newsletters both fun and informative. It admits there are some winners and losers but stick to the philosophy that a long-term, diverse portfolio of well-picked stocks can continually outperform the markets.
  • Gorilla Trades is a much more mechanical service. Stock picks are computer-driven, with a human helping deliver news about what to buy and sell (or sell short) at any given time. It gives daily advice on buying and selling in a much more active trading style.

How Are Motley Fool and Gorilla Trades Similar?

  • Both The Motley Fool and Gorilla Trades offer portfolios of recommended stocks to buy. Motley Fool gives you about 10 at a time while Gorilla Trades offers dozens. But both focus on buying and selling stocks in major US stock markets.
  • Both send subscribers an email newsletter and have decades-long histories of happy customers and positive testimonials.
  • Each service has a different type of risk. But there is always a risk with investing in the stock market. And each service offers various styles of stock trading advice.

How Are The Motley Fool and Gorilla Trades Different?

The Motley Fool is unique because picks are human-driven, made by two individuals based on their own analysis and projections. It has an outstanding track record. It recommends a buy-and-hold strategy for your investments.

Gorilla Trades is a much more mechanical service. A set of technical analysis criteria drives stock picks. It uses a highly active investment approach to buying and selling and suggests about double the number of stocks at any given time compared to The Motley Fool.

Motley Fool vs. Gorilla Trades: Pricing and Plans

Here’s a look at the flagship services from The Motley Fool and Gorilla Trades and what you would pay to join:

Program Name Price
Motley Fool Stock Advisor $199 per year
Gorilla Trades Gorilla Alerts Breakout $499.95 for one year$795 for two years

Customer Service

Both The Motley Fool and Gorilla Trades offer good customer support options for their products. But since they are email newsletter subscriptions, you probably won’t need much help. As long as your email inbox is working, you get your weekly or daily alerts for your trading or investing goals.

But if you do need help, both services offer customer support via phone or email.

Who Are They Best For?

Motley Fool and Gorilla Trades are both top-rated services in their areas of expertise. But their different focuses make them better for different types of investors.

Motley Fool is best for passive, long-term traders. While there are constant new recommendations and occasional sell recommendations, most Motley Fool investors can expect to spend relatively little time trading. You simply read the emails and additional analysis offered online and decide which stocks to hold in your portfolio.

Gorilla Trades is best for investors who want to take an active approach to their portfolios and want to log in and enter orders as often as every day. While it costs a bit more, you get five times the number of weekly emails and about twice as many stocks to trade at any given time. With Gorilla Trades, the emails are a more immediate call to action.

If you are focused on a company’s fundamentals when investing, you should go with Motley Fool. This is arguably also a lower-risk investment strategy, as it’s focused on a longer time period. But if you’re focused on a short time horizon and want to trade actively, you should pick Gorilla Trades. It’s a bit riskier but also more exciting.

If you have the budget, you could subscribe to both services and use Gorilla Trades for your short-term strategy and Motley Fool for your long-term strategy. That could be a winning combination.

Alternatives to Motley Fool and Gorilla Trades

Outside of these services, you may consider additional investment and stock picking services. Some include:

Bottom line — Which Is the Best?

The Motley Fool and Gorilla Trades are both high-quality stock picking services. If we have to pick one winner, it’s The Motley Fool due to a lower price and investment style appropriate for more investors. But if you’re into active trading and technical analysis, Gorilla Trades is the stronger choice.

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