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Gwella Mushrooms: Alternative Wellness Platform for Functional Health, Mushrooms and Psychedelics

Gwella focuses on building an accessible, original and scalable over-the-counter portfolio of functional and psychedelic mushroom products that enhance individual and community wellness. The company’s advanced direct-to-consumer platform combines an innovative mix of wellness, mushrooms and psychedelics with a modern twist in an integration of media and technology.

Gwella Wellness is the company’s purpose-built consumer product vertical. Using exclusive ingredients, formulations, delivery systems, testing and research, Gwella Branded CPG tackles health and wellness through high volume avenues in retail, e-commerce and clinical, retreat and legal jurisdictions. Its product pipeline includes Gwella’s flagship Mojo, Journey, and incoming MYMYCO, Yugen and Anxiety Strips, with more products in development.

Mojo, the company’s first psychedelic asset is the world’s first psilocybin-free Microdose product with a provisional patent filed and clinical trials underway. Mojo Microdose was hailed as Consumer Product of the Year during the 1st Annual Microdose Awards. The psychedelic-based gummy edible utilizes proprietary elements, exclusive and premium ingredients and is engineered over 12 months of R&D. Likewise, the flagship product contains proprietary IP, including high Bioactive Cordyceps concentrate and 14 different bioactives.

Company Highlights

  • Gwella is building a leading brand and modern alternative wellness platform that exists at the intersection of three megatrends: functional health, mushrooms and psychedelics.
  • Gwella aims to curate an ecosystem of products, content and tools that work together as a flywheel and central hub for the mainstream audience interested in psychedelics and wellness.
  • Gwella’s flagship product, Mojo, is the world’s first psilocybin-free Microdose product with a provisional patent filed and clinical trials underway.
  • Gwella Technology involves the company’s first proprietary B2B and B2C tool suite, CAPture app, which processes real-time data consumption and market intelligence to forecast current trends in psychedelic consumer markets.
  • The company’s content platform covers an intersection of psychedelics and wellness through a media IP and emphasis on community creation.
  • The next steps for Gwella include focusing on developing its technology and media channels as well as its robust R&D pipeline with six further products in development.
  • The company leverages advantageous positioning with its proprietary IP, including high Bioactive Cordyceps concentrate
  • The company is backed by some of the top funds in the psychedelic and CPG space, including Vine Ventures, Ambria, Vice Ventures, The Conscious Fund, Palo Santo and JLS Fund.
  • The company has a top-tier management team with over 50 years of CPG experience and a proven track record of success across multiple industries and big brand exposure.

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