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Bloom Health Partners


Advanced health for employees is quickly becoming an essential part of running an organization. The pandemic created a focus on health and safety in the workplace. As we move to a post-pandemic world, many organizations are faced with a need to look at long term employee health as a part of their operations. A tight labor market with a shortage of workers has put employers in a position where they need to focus on retaining employees while finding innovative ways to attract new talent. This is happening at the same time that individual health needs are catching up after 2 years of pandemic management.

Today, companies are increasingly seeking find ways to mitigate what is expected to be a decade of demanding employee needs, rising healthcare costs and a need for accurate risk management. This all comes at high cost to organizations in lost productivity and ever- increasing health and liability insurance fees. Industry experts and top investors are taking notice of global opportunity for employer provided health services. Larry Fink, CEO of Blackrock recently discussed on CNBC that worker health is “the new world of work…companies not adapting do so at their own peril”.*

Given the new era of ‘safety culture,’ in workplaces, it’s no surprise that the global workplace safety market size is expected to reach US$19.9 billion by 2025. The market is estimated to grow from an estimated value of US$12.1 billion in 2020 at a compound annual growth rate of 10.4 percent from 2020 to 2025. With an occupational health market in the workplace in 2021 of over US$6.5B in the US, it’s expected this market with rise significantly. Innovation in workplace health is needed to meet growing demand.

Bloom Health Partners (CSE:BLMH,OTCQB:BLMHF,FRA:D84) offers a global platform that provides healthcare security, diagnostic testing and occupational health-tech solutions. The company’s mission is to ensure that “Unstoppable is Possible” for businesses and their employees through innovative and customized healthcare models. Bloom Health Partners serves several key markets, with services that include onsite healthcare, advisory services, K-12 school testing, television and film production sets, workplaces and live events.

Bloom Health Partners’ end-to-end healthcare delivery models are connected to its software platform with various solutions, including occupational health services, a data platform that manages end-to-end health intelligence, primary care services, employee screening and preventative care, laboratory services, Covid-19 and flu testing and vaccinations, employee healthcare maintenance and management, mental health services and wellness programs.

Bloom Health Partners’ platform empowers businesses and organizations to create strategies to manage health and safety while engaging employees. The company’s system is a stable, flexible, scalable and integrated health-tech platform that securely manages data while delivering comprehensive workplace health and safety outcomes. Bloom Health Partners’ platform is Android, Apple and smartwatch compatible.

The company’s platform provides businesses and organizations with a competitive advantage through the reduction in lost time and productivity, worker’s compensation claims, disability costs, insurance premiums, retention and recruitment challenges compared to the traditional workplace care model. The traditional workplace care model relies primarily on emergency first aid, off-site ER and outside clinics. Bloom Health Partners’ platform provides better and more convenient healthcare from pre-employment drug testing, health screening and job duty and function assessments to advanced on-site clinical care and telehealth and monitoring services.

Bloom Health Partners is trusted by multiple Fortune 500 companies, major film production companies, large entertainment venues, schools, manufacturing facilities and more to handle Covid-19 testing and safety compliance. The company’s major clients include PepsiCo, Netflix, Six Flags, Amazon Studios, Apple TV+, Live Nation, Sony and Viacom CBS. To date, Bloom Health Partners clients have remained operational and avoided Covid-19-related shutdowns and delays. This has placed Bloom in a strong position to work with large organizations as they evolve into longer-term health needs for employees.

The company is led by a world-class team with a science-first approach. Bloom Health Partners’ board consists of foreign pharmaceutical executives and the chief medical officer of GE Corporate. Bloom Health Partners also owns and operates its best-in-class labs in major cities in the United States, including Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta and Montgomery, Alabama. The company’s labs serve as a support network for it’s growing employer health business.

The company has an established and diverse revenue stream with the potential for further growth. Bloom Health Partners’ revenue model stems from health (?) and annual recurring services as well as from its research and advisory services. The company’s health and annual recurring revenue consist of software platform revenue, occupational health and testing revenue. Bloom Health Partners’ research and advisory revenue consist of consulting and research revenue.

The company plans to take advantage of the growing opportunity in the new health-tech space as Bloom Health Partners plans to open new facilities and expand its offices in the United States and Canada in 2022. Health is becoming an essential part of running a business and Bloom is pioneering the model.

​Company Highlights

  • Bloom Health Partners provides secure, stable, scalable, flexible, customized and end-to-end healthcare models to help businesses and organizations minimize health-related costs whilst maintaining a competitive advantage of safety.
  • Serves several key markets, including onsite healthcare, advisory services, K-12 schools, television and film production sets, workplaces and live events.
  • Solutions include occupational health services, a data platform that manages end-to-end health intelligence, primary care services, employee screening and preventative care, laboratory services, Covid-19 and flu testing and vaccinations, employee healthcare maintenance and management, mental health services and wellness programs.
  • An impressive client base including multiple Fortune 500 companies, major film production companies, large entertainment venues, schools and manufacturing facilities.
  • A strong revenue model with diverse streams of income as well as its efficient and high-volume processing labs located in major cities across the US.
  • Backed by an experienced management team and a world-class scientific team.



Core to Bloom’s business is it’s software platform call Bloom Shield. Bloom’s platform manages data and results for organizations to effectively use Blooms services. As a secure cloud platform, Bloom Shield is designed to handle personal health information and provide Bloom clients a planning tool to help make decisions to keep their organizations running. As clients use Bloom services, such as a large employer or film production, business leaders can see an overview of health without any compromise to individual privacy. This big data platform provides organizations much needed tools to stay operational based on all health conditions of workers.

Safety and Testing

Bloom Health Partners Safety and Testing

Bloom Health Partners’ safety and testing services consist of lab-based services for parts of industry and schools that will require ongoing pandemic screening. This proven model is evolving into testing of all kinds such as cancers, diabetes and drug testing. Bloom’s network of labs are able to support both pandemic and post pandemic testing needs efficiently.

All testing from labs are easily accessible through the company’s secure online reporting portal. Patients can register their samples and view results while administrators can log in to monitor compliance, track samples and manage contact tracing. The company provides customized client portals as well as third-party software integration capabilities. All of which serve as a baseline for multiple health services.

Onsite Healthcare

Bloom Health Partners Onsite Healthcare

Bloom Health Partners’ on-site healthcare services consist of a variety of customized clinical care solutions delivered through its Bloom Care platform. These services include:

  • Primary care
  • Preventative care
  • Emergent care
  • Physicals
  • Wellness checks
  • Clinical assessments
  • Staffing options include MRO, PA and physician
  • Diagnostic and imaging services
  • Lab services
  • Health maintenance
  • Covid-19, flu and strep tests
  • Drug testing
  • Vaccines and vaccine tracking
  • Mental health services
  • Diabetes, asthma and other disease maintenance
  • First aid and injury care
  • Medication storage
  • Telehealth, remote patient monitoring and live translation
  • Optional family services

The Company’s onsite healthcare helps businesses manage several of the largest health-related expenditures for businesses through prevention, management and treatment. These health-related expenditures include cardiovascular health, obesity-related complications, pulmonary illnesses, behavioral health conditions, musculoskeletal injuries and/or pain and mental health. Bloom Health Partners seeks to help businesses reduce sick days and provide quality assurance while improving patient care.

The Company performed in-depth consultations for businesses with scientists and doctors to establish a customized program design based on needs, timeline, budget and location. Bloom Health Partners also provides businesses with operations and logistics support, customer service and communication 7 days a week from a dedicated advisor.

Advisory Services

Bloom Health Partners Advisory Services

Bloom Health Partners’ advisory services consist of extensive planning and consulting provided by its team of doctors, scientists and industry experts. The company’s advisory team strictly adheres to guidelines from the CDC, FDA, HHS, OSHA, WHO, IPAC, and equivalent local organizations. The company’s advisory team delivers strategy and implementation recommendations to establish proactive healthcare safety plans based on needs, timeline, budget and location.

Bloom Health Partners’ advisory team validates scientific research and tracks data from around the world to ensure accurate and up-to-date advice. The team is committed to always ensuring clients are informed with updates when they desire it –– allowing clients to set preferred frequency updates. The company’s advisory team goes above and beyond to secure necessary supplies and resources, seamlessly execute safety plans and adapt to changes in real-time.

K-12 Schools

Bloom Health Partners K12 Schools

Bloom Health Partners’ K-12 school services consist of a Covid-19 screening program structured to specifically serve the needs of students and schools. The K-12 school service provides on-site, customized, non-invasive and accurate PCR testing weekly. The samples are transported by Bloom Health Partners’ team to a nearby Bloom Health Partners lab and produce results in 24 hours. The company’s approach provides enhanced reliability, transparency, communication, HIPAA-compliant reporting and accountability for schools.

The K-12 school testing is conducted by Bloom Health Partners professional staff with training in the most effective, accurate, comfortable test sample collection techniques. The service is managed end-to-end by Bloom Health Partners’ team to minimize disruptions and reduce the workload of the school staff. The company maintains patient privacy and only shares results for public health purposes.


Bloom Health Partners production services consist of testing for television and film production sets. The company provides on-site collection, flexible scheduling, reporting and customized solutions for productions.

The company’s end-to-end testing for productions has resulted in keeping movie and TV sets running. Bloom Health Partners exceeds the CDC’s requirement of testing one protein by testing the gold standard of three proteins to reduce false positives. This same approach can be brought to productions to cover an array of health needs.

Bloom Health Partners is trusted by several small-scale and large-scale production companies –– including Netflix, Apple TV+ and Sony –– to handle testing and safety compliance.

​Management Team

Sav DiPasquale - Chairman

Sav DiPasquale – Chairman

Sav DiPasquale is a senior executive with over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and transportation industries. He is currently the president of the Canadian Pharmaceutical Distribution Network (“CPDN”). Previously, DiPasquale spent nearly 17 years at GlaxoSmithKline in various senior positions, including vice president of business development and CIO. He is also the former president and CEO of Orgenesis.

Jessica Federer - Director

Jessica Federer – Director

Jessica Federer is a venture partner with Boston Millennia Partners. Federer is also an advisor and investor for health and technology companies. She is on the United Nations m-Powering Development Advisory Board for the Agency for Information and Communications Technology (ITU). She is also the founder of Innovayte. Previously, Federer was the chief digital officer at Bayer A.G. which is a global life science leader. At Bayer A.G., Federer led a digital transformation across consumer health, pharmaceuticals, animal health and agriculture.

Dr. Nimisha Kalia - Director

Dr. Nimisha Kalia – Director

Dr. Nimisha Kalia is currently the chief medical officer at GE Corporate. She is board-certified in internal medicine, occupational medicine and public health and general preventive medicine. Among her many achievements, Dr. Kalia held academic appointments at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the Dell Medical School at the University of Texas in Austin.

John Garcia – Director

John Garcia is a seasoned senior executive who spent 32 years in the telecommunications industry. He spent the last 12 years of his career at Sprint where he held pivotal roles, including chief marketing officer and president of wireless. Garcia has also engaged in several major consulting projects for multiple companies, including VRide, and Otsuka Pharmaceuticals. His experience also includes a major consulting project for YRC which is the nation’s largest less than truckload (LTL) carrier.

Andrew Morton - Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Morton – Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Morton is a seasoned global technology executive with a track record of successfully building and running innovative companies. Morton was the senior vice president of global sales for Zodiac Interactive. Zodiac Interactive is a privately-held software company focused on advanced software for tier 1 cable and telecommunications providers. He headed up broadband television for Entone where he launched successful operations on multiple continents. Entone was acquired by Amino Communications (LON:AMO). Morton served for several years post-transaction on the senior executive team. Morton also co-launched global operations for Comtrend Corporation which is a leader in telecom hardware and software. Earlier in his career, he held growth roles at 3Com and IBM’s spinoff company Lexmark.

Abbas Khan, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

Abbas Khan, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

Abbas Khan is the managing partner and co-founder of Bloom Health Partners. Khan is a true collaborator with a knack for building teams and implementing creative solutions, Khan embodies Bloom Health Partner’s mission to ensure “unstoppable is possible.” His entrepreneurial spirit and strategic thinking have been instrumental in forming key partnerships to grow Bloom’s client base in the U.S. and expand its best-in-class clinical operations to other countries.

Before working with Bloom, Khan served as the business development and marketing manager for Life Biosciences. Khan was also the commercialization director for CloudMex which is a cutting-edge health tech company. At CloudMex, he led the rebrand of their communication strategy as well as managed their partnership and product development with Anthem Health. His background also includes strategic marketing roles at Sterling-Rice Group and PepsiCo. Khan is currently pursuing his MBA in Healthcare at the Yale School of Management.

Outside of work, Khan enjoys time with his family. Khan and his wife support charitable causes through their family’s foundation called The Khan Family Foundation. The Khan Family Foundation was founded by his philanthropist mother and father. The Khan Family Foundation actively focuses its charitable giving on underserved youth, education initiatives and women’s empowerment.

Cole Lysaught - Co-Founder and Head of Business Development

Cole Lysaught – Co-Founder and Head of Business Development

Cole Lysaught is a managing partner and co-founder of Bloom Health Partners. Lysaught is

an entrepreneur at heart. He brings a strong background in financial and operational leadership. He has an extensive track record in investing and scaling new and existing portfolio companies, investment management, building teams and guiding operations.

Before working at Bloom, Lysaught was a partner at Ahkeo Ventures which is an early-stage venture capital firm. Since 2011, he has facilitated over US$1 billion in transactions across a wide range of industries, including energy, banking, hospitality and tourism. Lysaught continues to build value as a leader and investor at CPL Investments which is an investment management firm. Lysaught also currently serves as the managing partner of CPL Investments.

Lysaught serves as a US Delegate to the G 20 Entrepreneurial Summits in Toronto and Mexico City. He also serves on the Dallas Alumni Board of Directors at Texas Christian University. Previously, he spent six years as a host committee member for the Great Investors’ Best Ideas Foundation (GIBI). GIBI is a nonprofit organization that benefits The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and the Vickery Meadow Youth Development Foundation. He graduated cum laude from Texas Christian University with a BBA in Finance and Entrepreneurial Management.

Marlis Yassin - Chief Financial Officer

Marlis Yassin – Chief Financial Officer

Marlis Yassin is a CPA and CA with more than 15 years of experience working with publicly-listed companies. She has held finance management positions at various public companies, including an international industrial products company and mid-tier mining companies. Yassin gained extensive experience through her client engagements at Deloitte. Yassin provided reporting, advisory and assurance services to publicly traded companies, primarily in the natural resources sector.

Andrew McCann - Chief Technical Officer

Andrew McCann – Chief Technical Officer

Andrew McCan was the co-founder and CTO of DeviantArt, a Hollywood-based online artist platform, acquired by Wix in 2017. At the time of the acquisition, DeviantArt had over 40 million users and 325 million pieces of original art housed on the platform. Previously, he co-founded Mediascience which was acquired by Lycos. He also built Sonique which is an audio player application for the Windows platform. McCan studied computer science at Montana State University.

Mehmood Khan - Strategic Advisor

Mehmood Khan – Strategic Advisor

Mehmood Khan M.D. has diverse experience in the pharmaceutical, clinical and consumer industries. Dr. Khan brings a wealth of knowledge to his role as the senior health advisor at Bloom Health Partners. Dr. Khan is currently the chairman and chief executive officer of Life Biosciences Inc. At Life Biosciences, he provides strategic direction and operational oversight across the company and its six daughter companies. His vision of a more efficient and effective drug development pathway will drive innovation in the science and technology that Life Biosciences advances.

Dr. Khan previously served as the chief scientific officer and vice chairman at PepsiCo which is a Fortune 500 company. Before joining PepsiCo, Dr. Khan served as the president of Takeda Pharmaceuticals which is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. At Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Khan led the global efforts by revenue. Earlier in his career, Dr. Khan had a distinguished medical career as a faculty member in endocrinology at the Mayo Clinic and Mayo Medical School. He served as the director of diabetes, endocrine and nutritional trials unit at the Mayo Clinic and Mayo Medical School.

Dr. Khan is the recipient of numerous distinctions and awards, including The Harris Award for Excellence in Food and Science Technology and a Harvard University Illuminate Global Award for Innovation. Dr. Khan was named one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company. Dr. Khan has also held leadership roles on numerous boards. He currently serves as chairman of the U.S. Council on Competitiveness, V-Cat Board Member and NIST Board Member.

Dr. Khan earned his medical degree from the University of Liverpool Medical School in England. He completed a fellowship in clinical endocrinology and nutrition in the Department of Medicine and Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in London and a Fellow of the American College of Endocrinology.

James Shepherd - Strategic Advisor

James Shepherd – Strategic Advisor

Dr. James Shepherd is one of the world’s foremost experts in infectious diseases. Dr. Shepherd is an associate professor of medicine at Yale School of Medicine. Dr. Shepherd’s global experience includes his work as a special advisor to the World Health Organization. His recent experience includes advising the government of India on tuberculosis control. Dr. Shepherd also directed a research program in TB and HIV for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Botswana. He also assisted the University of Maryland in starting a large AIDS treatment program in Nigeria.

Honorable Eric Hargan - Medical and Science Advisor

Honorable Eric Hargan – Medical and Science Advisor

Honorable Eric D. Hargan, JD, is the senior health advisor for Bloom Health Partners. He was a former Deputy Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) which is the largest department in the federal government. As Deputy Secretary of HHS, he oversaw the development and approval of all HHS, CMS and FDA regulations and provided significant guidance. Hargan also oversaw the department’s day-to-day operations and management as well as led policy and strategy development.

Hargan served on the board of Operation Warp Speed where he signed the first document that enabled the start of Operation Warp Speed. This was a public-private partnership initiated by the U.S. government to facilitate and accelerate the development, manufacturing and distribution of Covid-19 vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics. He also was a board member at University Hospitals and Alio Medical. Hargan is also a Fellow at the Health Evolution Forum.

Alexander Stemer, - Medical and Science Advisor

Alexander Stemer, – Medical and Science Advisor

Alexander Stemer, M.D. is board certified in internal medicine and infectious disease. Dr. Stemer brings more than 42 years of experience to the Bloom Health Partners team. He was recently named the American Heart Association Heart of Gold Executive Chairman for 2022.

Dr. Stemer welcomes the challenge of solving new problems. He has been instrumental in the fight against Covid-19, developing infection control programs and protocols for hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. In addition to serving as associate clinical professor of medicine at the Indiana University School of Medicine, Dr. Stemer currently serves as the co-chair of the Symphony Health Network Covid-19 Task Force. He also recently worked with the National Institute of Health and Eli Lilly to develop study protocols for the prevention and treatment of Covid-19 in skilled nursing facilities using a monoclonal antibody. The study was approved by the FDA, completed and recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Joe Kurland - Medical and Science Advisor

Joe Kurland – Medical and Science Advisor

Joe Kurland is a vaccine specialist and infection preventionist at Children’s Minnesota. Kurland is an experienced infection control practitioner with a demonstrated history of working in acute and ambulatory care fields. Kurland is skilled in epidemiology, infection prevention, high-level disinfection and sterilization processes and construction risk assessments (ICRA). Kurland is also an experienced professional providing legionella risk evaluation, pandemic response and vaccine-related advice.

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