Betterment has connected with TurboTax, H&R Block, and TaxACT tax preparation software to allow automatic import of your tax information. You or your clients will need to search for “Betterment” in order to import their tax information. Please refer to each provider’s documentation about the steps necessary to import data.

Important: If clients have multiple accounts, e.g. personal account and a trust, they will not be able to use TaxACT’s automatic import tool. However, clients can download and import their tax statement CSV, found on the Activity page of their accounts, directly into TaxACT.

Please note that while Betterment has provided the tax information in the format specified by the tax preparation software providers, we do not manage the software itself. If you or your clients are experiencing issues with the tax import software of one of these providers, we encourage you or your clients to contact the providers directly.