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CleanTech Lithium: Prolific Lithium Assets with a sustainable approach to Meet EV Battery Demand

CleanTech Lithium (AIM:CTL,FWB:T2N,OTC:CTLHF)) envisions being the greenest lithium supplier to the electric vehicle (EV) market by using direct lithium extraction (DLE) – a low-impact, low-carbon and low-water method of extracting lithium from brine – powered by renewable energy sources. The company has three large lithium assets with an estimated two million tonnes of lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE) in Chile’s Lithium Triangle, a world-renowned mining-friendly jurisdiction.

The company’s assets are all located in Chile and amenable to eco-friendly development. Laguna Verde, CleanTech’s flagship asset, is poised for near-term green lithium production by the end of 2025 with a resource estimate of 1.5 million tonnes of LCE. The company’s second flagship asset is Francisco Basin, approximately 100 km south of Laguna Verde. JORC-compliant inferred resource estimated 0.5 million tonnes of LCE. Both projects are 4,200+ meters above sea level, meaning there is minimal risk to biodiversity and impact on local communities. The company’s third asset is the Llamara Project, a green-fields project located in the Antofagasta region and is around 600 km north of Laguna Verde and Francisco Basin. The area totalling 344 square kilometers located in the Pampa del Tamarugal basin, which is one of the largest basins in the lithium triangle.

Cleantech Lithium projects

CleanTech Lithium is committed to an ESG-led approach and supporting its downstream partners by producing the greenest lithium to the market. As a result, the company will use renewable energy and the eco-friendly direct lithium extraction (DLE) process throughout its projects. DLE is widely considered the best option for lithium brine extraction that makes the least environmental impact. No evaporation ponds, no carbon intensive processes and reduced levels of water consumption. In recognition, Chile’s government plans to prioritize DLE for all new lithium projects.

​Company Highlights

  • CleanTech Lithium is an exploration and development company with three notable lithium projects in Chile, totaling >500km2 licensed areas and lithium resources exceeding 2 million tonnes LCE
  • The company aims to become the greenest lithium supplier to the EV market by adopting environmental and social sound practices throughout its assets and culture.
  • Chile is quickly becoming a global leader in clean energy, which enables the company to take advantage of the existing renewable power throughout its operations
  • The company will use DLE, a proven* method for extracting lithium brine that minimizes environmental impact and reduces production time, resulting in high quality battery grade lithium
  • CleanTech Lithium’s flagship projects Laguna Verde and Francisco Basin are located nearby reliable renewable power sources and transport infrastructure that can support the scalability of each project.
  • The company’s third highly prospective asset, Llamara, is undergoing exploration and represents blue-sky opportunities for additional lithium discoveries.
  • This is being led by an experienced management team with the right blend of expertise leads the company towards its goals of supplying the growing EV market with eco-friendly lithium,
  • Underpinned by an established ESG-led approach – a critical priority for governments introducing regulations that require a cleaner supply chain to reach net-zero targets.
  • DLE plants operating successfully in Argentina and China

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