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Cloud DX Granted New Patent for Pulsewave 2.0 Vital Sign Monitor

Cloud DX (TSXV:CDX) (OTC:CDXFF), a leading Virtual Care platform, announces the issuance of a new patent for its upcoming Pulsewave 2.0 Vital Sign Monitor. The wrist-worn device stands to be the first at home clinical-grade vital signs monitor to capture diagnostic-quality blood pressure, heart rate, heartbeat irregularities, and respiration status simultaneously. This is the second patent for the Pulsewave 2.0 platform and this award arrives during the company’s record-breaking quarter.

US patent 11,272,859 entitled ‘System and Method of Determining Respiratory Status From Oscillometric Data‘, strengthens the protection of Cloud DX’s innovative and novel methods used to determine respiratory status. Building upon the device’s initial US patent 11,006,843,which depicts the concept of using oscillometric data to determine respiration rate. This patent protects the methods developed to analyze data in determining respiratory status, beyond just respiratory rate. The company congratulates inventors Vesal Badee, Sara Ross-Howe, Josh Haid, Lamiaa Amzil, Cezar Morun, and Bonghun Shin, all members of the Research and Development team at Cloud DX.

Lead inventor and Cloud DX Biomedical Data Scientist, Vesal Badaee, states “There are plenty of digital health wearables in the market. Most, however, are limited in the quality of data they provide. This can frustrate doctors and healthcare professionals when users want to rely on them. In medicine, clinical-grade vitals are required for diagnostics or medical direction; Cloud DX is driving the transition in bringing clinical-grade wearables into the consumer space, from hospitals and clinics to our homes. This second patent on our next-generation Pulsewave underlines the innovation we’re producing at Cloud DX. The team and I are proud to be a part of this Virtual Care transition.”

“With the Medical Metaverse and the Virtual Care movements growing the need for home-based diagnostics grows ever more prominent,” added Robert Kaul, CEO and Founder of Cloud DX. He continued, “Together these technologies create an all-encompassing model of care improves access to healthcare and can expedite accurate clinician decision making. The ability to accurately capture patient vitals anywhere in the world, even in most remote locations, and transfer that data directly to their doctor or care team means primary care teams can make better clinical decisions, potentially remove the need for an in-person doctor visit, or even circumvent an emergent care visit. To put it simply, the connected ecosystem means better patient outcomes, closer circles of care, and more economical for providers and payers.”

How Pulsewave 2.0 breathing rate technology works

  • Cloud DX’s Pulsewave vital signs monitor is worn on a patient’s wrist, and oscillometric pulse waveforms are obtained as the cuff deflates, obtaining pulse wave signals and artifact signals over multiple patient breaths.
  • Pulsewave software analyzes these signals producing an envelope of pulse waveforms as well as a frequency modulated sequence of pulses at various time intervals containing breathing rate data.
  • Pulsewave 2.0 operates autonomously but can also be connected to the internet. When connected, clinicians receiving the data can derive additional biological metrics via the Cloud Diagnostics® online platform.

About Cloud DX

Accelerating virtual healthcare, Cloud DX is on a mission to make healthcare better for everyone. Our Connected Health TM remote patient monitoring platform is used by healthcare enterprises and care teams across North America to virtually manage chronic disease, enable aging in place, and deliver hospital-quality post-surgical care in the home. Our partners achieve better healthcare and patient outcomes, reduce the need for hospitalization or re-admission, and reduce healthcare delivery costs through more efficient use of resources. Cloud DX is the co-winner of the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE, a 2021 Edison Award winner, a Fast Company “World Changing Idea” finalist, and one of “Canada’s Ten Most Prominent Telehealth Providers.” In 2021, Cloud DX became an exclusive partner to Medtronic Canada.

Cloud DX Investor Site https://ir.clouddx.com/overview/default.aspx

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