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Thursday, December 7, 2023

The Resource Maven Writes an Overview of Gold Bull Resources

There are no guarantees gold has stabilized but Gold Bull Resources (TSXV:GBRC, OTC:GBRCF, FRA:A2V5) presents an opportunity to take advantage of in this downtrodden market moment, according to Gwen Preston of Resourcemaven.ca.

“I invested in the stock via financing in November. At the time gold was all over the place day-to-day. Worried things were going to slide further before staging a classic December bottom, I postponed writing it up here. There are no guarantees gold has stabilized. But I wanted to get this opportunity out before drilling started,” Preston said.

In an independent analysis of the resource market, Preston highlighted several reasons why Gold Bull Resources is a great exploration bet. GBRC has a low valuation which reduces the downside risk. It has foundational value with multiple successful expansion holes. The company also started drilling at Sandman in January and its good management continues to focus on creating shareholder value.

Preston said Gold Bull’s flagship Sandman project also reveals an exciting exploration thesis where gold on the surface has distracted explorers to date from the real target. She stated that if the surface zones are just what was left over after gold-bearing fluids came up structures and dumped most of their metals at the contact between the basement rocks and the volcanics, then the contact zones could be very nice.

Read the full analysis here.

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