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SKRR Exploration: Assets with Blue-sky Potential in Underexplored Trans Hudson Corridor

​SKRR Exploration (TSXV:SKRR, OTCQB:SKKRF, FSE: BO4Q), OTCQB:SKKRF, FSE: BO4Q) focuses on gold in the underexplored Trans Hudson Corridor in Saskatchewan, with five highly prospective gold assets in the area. In addition to its gold projects, SKRR holds two nickel-zinc properties that are also in Canada.

The company aims to change this gold supply trajectory, through exploration work at its highly prospective assets within the emerging gold-producing region of the Trans Hudson Corridor. The Homestake Gold Mine has been the most significant deposit within the Trans Hudson Corridor producing 43.9 million ounces (Moz) of gold between 1878 and 2002.

SKRR Exploration Project Locations

The Trans Hudson Corridor demonstrates a similar potential to the famous Abitibi Greenstone Belt yet remains underexplored. The company owns five assets within the corridor and is currently systematically exploring each property. The company’s portfolio contains several unexplored or underexplored assets with blue-sky potential.

​Company Highlights

  • SKRR Exploration is focused on gold exploration in the Trans Hudson Corridor in Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • The Trans Hudson Corridor is a highly prospective gold belt with similar geology to the renowned Abitibi Greenstone Belt.
  • The company owns five gold projects within the Trans Hudson Corridor and two nickel-zinc projects in British Columbia and Saskatchewan.
  • SKRR’s portfolio of gold assets is its primary focus, while its nickel-zinc resources represent additional revenue streams.
  • Each of SKRR’s assets is underexplored or unexplored, representing a significant potential for discovering new deposits.
  • An expert management team with a range of expertise throughout the natural resource industry leads the company toward fully exploring its assets.

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