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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Keith Weiner: How You Should (and Shouldn't) Think About Gold

Gold’s price activity in 2023 has led to increased investor interest as the metal’s momentum makes headlines.

Keith Weiner, founder and CEO of Monetary Metals, believes it’s important to own gold, but not necessarily for the reasons most often cited by experts. In a new report, he writes about a wide range of gold misconceptions that he’s identified.

Speaking to the Investing News Network about the points discussed in the report, Weiner shared his thoughts on hot-button issues like interest rates and inflation, as well as technical analysis and market manipulation.

Importantly, he touched on the US dollar, saying that while he thinks calls for its death are exaggerated, he anticipates “a decline in the entire dollar regime and all of its derivatives.” Weiner described the dollar as the Titanic and all the other currencies as bits and pieces of the ship, saying that no currency is succeeding against the dollar — the whole complex is failing.

The banking crisis in the US has pulled this situation into focus as the government repeatedly changes the rules in an attempt to prevent further issues. The US Federal Reserve also cheats, said Weiner, but with gold it’s impossible to do so.

“With each thing that they do it has to make creditors pause and just think, ‘Do I want to be a creditor to this?’ And if you don’t want to be a creditor to it, gold is the thing to buy — gold being money,” he explained.

“If you don’t have any gold — I think everyone should have some. And it’s not a price thing, it’s a protect yourself (thing),” Weiner continued. “Gold protects you against all kinds of situations that seem increasingly to be coming our way.”

Watch the interview above for more from Weiner on gold and the overall market.

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