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Areus Asset Management: Generating Investor Value with a Unique Approach to Portfolio Management

Areus Asset Management provides an alternative asset investment opportunity through its Alpha Gold Fund, an investment vehicle to access a portfolio that otherwise cannot be accessed publicly. The company is offering the Areus Alpha Gold Fund, which creates a new way to profit from gold without relying on the asset continually appreciating. The Areus Alpha Gold Fund primarily invests in the XAUUSD spot, a gold-based currency pair widely considered to be the second most liquid pair in the currency market. The value of XAUUSD is determined by the price of gold relative to the US dollar.

A unique component of Alpha Gold is that the fund does not rely on increasing gold prices to generate value. Instead, the portfolio generates returns from natural price action volatility regardless of the general direction of the underlying asset price.

Areus Asset Management

The Alpha Gold fund went live on March 1, 2022, and has reached a significant milestone for any portfolio manager by returning a net +48.91 percent to investors from March 1, 2022 to February 28, 2023. Alpha Gold ended 2022 positively by generating results uncorrelated to other market trends, such as inflation fears and the energy crisis.

​Company Highlights

  • Areus Asset Management offers an alternative investment vehicle through its Alpha Gold Fund, a unique approach to capitalizing on gold’s value without depending on continual price appreciation.
  • The Alpha Gold Fund invests in the XAUUSD spot, a high-liquidity gold-based currency pair whose value is determined by the price of gold relative to the US dollar.
  • The Fund does not rely on gold continually appreciating to increase investor value. Instead, value is generated from natural price action volatility, regardless of which direction that value is moving.
  • Areus Asset Management’s fund recently reached a significant milestone by achieving +48.91 percent returns for a 12-month period since inception. These results outperform major index funds, which were all negative for the same period.
  • The Alpha Gold Fund’s unique approach allows results independent from other macroeconomic trends, such as inflation and geopolitical tension, evident in its recent results.
  • Two award-winning teams lead Areus Asset Management towards continually generating investor value through experienced portfolio management.

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