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MMJ Group Holdings Limited: Building an International Portfolio of Cannabis Investments

MMJ Group Holdings Limited (ASX:MMJ, OTCMKTS:MMJJF, FRA:2P9) stands as the only listed investment company offering Australian investors the opportunity to invest in unlisted and listed cannabis-based businesses locally and offshore. The company also focuses on reating a diversified portfolio of CBD and cannabis investments in cultivation, extraction and consumer products with material investments in Weed Me, WeedMD, Sequoya, Harvest One and Southern Cannabis Holdings.

Future plans for the company involve focusing on U.S. investment expansion, employing liquidity into Canadian markets and developing its brands and distribution chains. The company notes significant attention towards its Harvest One Cannabis (TSX:HVT) investee, which saw a 116 percent increase in value during February 2021, reaching totals of CAD$13.4 million.

MMJ Group Harvest One


MMJ Group Holdings Limited’s Company Highlights:

  • MMJ Group Holdings Limited is a premier publicly listed cannabis investment company based in Australia. The company leverages a diversified investment portfolio and favorable market conditions to create solid opportunities for highly calculated investment.
  • The company owns a portfolio of minority interests and seeks new investments across the full range of emerging cannabis-related sectors. The diverse portfolio offers investors exposure to a robust variety of listed and private cannabis-based companies.
  • Investment return in the past five years has generated a MOIC of 1.1 times the capital invested. This financial upside is amplified with the company’s MOIC of 3.5 times on investments sold in that period including sales of Dosecann Inc. and Medipharm LABS.
  • MMJ has a proven track record in acquiring and realizing significant value from its cannabis and hemp-related investments. They combine years of professional experience in investment banking, corporate governance and strategic acquisition.
  • Harvest One Cannabis, MMJ’s largest investment, saw a 116 percent increase in value totaling CAD$13.4 million in February 2021, presenting the company with exceptional growth potential.
  • The company has a strong management team and benefits from having the Canadian-based Parallax Ventures Inc. on its board as its asset manager.

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