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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Gravity And Magnetic Survey Interpretation Completed Over Entire Rekovac Project Area

Balkan Mining and Minerals Ltd (BMM or the Company) (ASX: BMM) is pleased to announce that it received the results of gravity and airborne magnetic survey interpretation over its entire Rekovac project’.


  • Processing of gravity and airborne magnetic data over the entire Rekovac project is complete and provides more precise definition of additional targets for follow-up exploration programs.
  • Interpretation of the gravity survey combined with the measurement of bulk density over the previous drilling core has enabled greater precision in modelling and depth definition of the Rekovac sedimentary basin.
  • The gravity survey has identified two major parallel deep-seated faults that may have acted as pathways for mineral-bearing fluids.
  • The results indicate that the targeted stratigraphic section on the north is buried, and thus preserved, under younger sedimentary cover.
  • With this new data, the Company is carrying out an internal review of site selection as part of the proposed drilling campaign
In conjunction with the field activities, the Company engaged a local contractor to process recently acquired geophysics data to assist in outlining potential targets for follow up detail mapping and rock chips sampling over the northern portion of Rekovac project. The data was analysed in conjunction with a new compilation of gravity data, drill hole information, and outcrop geology. Geophysics interpretation aid in defining basin geometry and identifying deep-seated fault zones within the project area, which may have acted as a potential conduit for mineralising fluids.


Read the full ASX release here.


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