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The Tinley Beverage Company: Powering California’s Leading Cannabis Beverage Brands

The Tinley Beverage Company (CSE:TNY, OTC:TNYBF) built a world-class, scaled facility with the state’s most varied menu of product formulation, container type and packaging options for infused beverages.

Tinley’s Long Beach facility can manufacture 12 million bottles, 10 million cans (imminently) and 7 million (and increasing) mini “shot” bottles per year, typically at $0.50-$1.20 per unit. Gross margins can well exceed 50 percent given the fixed cost nature of the business, making Tinley’s increasingly a cash cow. The bottle and can lines offer the seamless option of running the drinks through a tunnel pasteurizer – the only such equipment for cannabis in the USA – which enables more naturally formulated, preservative-free beverages, for additional fees. As of a few weeks ago, the company also offers a licensed distribution space, which significantly improves economics for Tinley’s and its clients, as mandatory state testing and the first-mile distribution processes can be completed on site.


Company Highlights

  • The Tinley Beverage Company is a pure-play cannabis beverage company that manufactures a significant portion of California’s cannabis beverage brands
  • The company operates the largest, licensed cannabis beverage manufacturing facility in California; it has 3 bottling lines, each able to produce 7- 12 million units per year
  • The Tinley Beverage Company also sells its Emerald Cup award-winning line of cannabis beverages in cannabis dispensaries and via home delivery services throughout California
  • These products are targeted to launch in Canada in Q2 of this year
  • The company also sells the non-infused versions of its cocktail-inspired beverages in mainstream retails for the “sober curious” consumers. This includes grocery and restaurant chains and e-commerce channels.
  • The company’s management team incorporates executives with unparalleled experience and expertise in the cannabis, regulated CPG and beverage sectors.

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