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BioHarvest CEO Ilan Sobel: Disrupting Industries with Unique Products and Therapeutic Solutions

BioHarvest Sciences (CSE:BHSC,FWB:8MV) has trademarked its proprietary non-GMO biotech platform technology called “Bio-Plant CELLicitation™,” which replaces “BioFarming” and underscores the potential for the technology to be used in the botanical drugs space.

BioHarvest CEO Ilan Sobel explained how the company is disrupting the marketplace with unique products and therapeutic solutions.

The company’s platform technology, Bio-Plant CELLicitation™, aims to combine actions of growing plant cells in industrial-scale bioreactors and elicit specific molecules to produce unique botanical compounds with high human utility value.

“We’ve developed — over the last 12 years, with close to $15 million in investment in R&D — a unique platform technology that allows us to take any essential, medicinal active ingredient or metabolite from a plant or a fruit,” Sobel explained. “We grow the active ingredients in bio-reactors, which allows us to have an end product that has best-in-class solubility, amazing bio-availability and high efficacy. We’ve completed multiple clinical trials in peer-reviewed scientific journals.”

According to Sobel, the company was able to validate its ability to drive significant improvement in consumers’ overall health and wellness. BioHarvest is operating in the polyphenol antioxidant world with a unique product called Vinia®. Vinia® prevents lipid oxidation, protects the body by preventing oxidative damage to the cells and reduces oxidation of LDL cholesterol.

The company is also using its platform for its cannabis vertical.

“We’re able to grow full-spectrum, non-GMO cannabis without actually growing the plant or from the cell, which is the uniqueness of the platform technology,” Sobel said.

BioHarvest also plans to build a production facility in Canada as part of the next phase in the global expansion of its cannabis vertical. It is exploring opportunities to acquire an existing licensed facility or a licensed producer, which would enable the company to use its BioFarming technology to produce and then sell unique cannabis products into the Canadian market.

“We can play in so many different areas, not just nutraceuticals, not just the cannabinoid space, but in many other areas where we’re able to bring the power of the plant to the people,” Sobel said.

“We all believe there’s a significant upside as we drive that ambition of being a multibillion-dollar biotech company, leveraging the power of our platform technology across multiple verticals. We will disrupt current industries by bringing unique products and therapeutic solutions to the marketplace, with consistency, purity and sustainability credentials that are unique.”

Watch the full interview of BioHarvest CEO Ilan Sobel above.

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