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Bitcoin Well: Offering a Fully Integrated Bitcoin Platform for Individuals and Businesses

Bitcoin Well (TSXV:BTCW, OTCQB:BCNWF), OTCQB:BCNWF) provides an ecosystem of products and services making it easier for people to use bitcoin. Established in Canada in 2013 and has reached significant revenue growth year-over-year, Bitcoin Well will soon be expanding to the US market.

The company’s three core business lines include Crypto ATM network composed of 250+ Crypto ATMs across Canada with US$21 million revenue in 2022; Bitcoin Well Infinite which caters to high net worth individuals and businesses and with US$29 million revenue in 2022; and Online Ecosystem, the fastest and safest way for Canadians to buy, sell and use bitcoin with current monthly revenues exceeding $350,000.

Bitcoin Well

Every product or service offered by the company is wrapped in the security of its non-custodial ecosystem. This is a hot topic right now as multiple custodial exchanges have collapsed in the last few years. The non-custodial ecosystem is widely seen by knowledgeable investors as the safest way to buy bitcoin.

​Company Highlights

  • Bitcoin Well is a non-custodial ecosystem that merges the benefits of modern banking and the benefits of bitcoin.
  • This ecosystem is split into three business units offering investors a combination of stable cash flow and high-growth potential.
  • The company was established in 2013 and has experienced continuous growth regardless of the ebb and flow of the price of bitcoin.
  • The price of bitcoin reached its peak in 2021 and has since scaled back, but interest in cryptocurrencies continues to grow while macroeconomic trends impact its current spot price.
  • Bitcoin Well has passed significant financial milestones since launching its ATM business line in 2013. Each new service the company offers has seen rapid adoption and builds confidence in the organization’s future.
  • The company recently announced its expansion into the United States.
  • 40+ years of bitcoin experience across management and board members.

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