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Revolutionizing Navigation: ARway.ai's AI-powered Spatial Computing Platform is Disrupting the $44B Indoor AR Navigation Market

ARway.ai (CSE:ARWY, OTC: ARWYF, FSE:E65) is revolutionizing AR navigation with a cutting-edge no-code, no-beacon spatial computing solution enabled by visual marker tracking with centimeter precision. This technology enables enterprises to integrate a wide array of AR experiences including 3D products and objects, indoor AR navigation and wayfinding, audio, video, images, 3D text, hotspots, location pins and analytics.

The ARway.ai platform has diverse applications, particularly in indoor environments such as shopping malls, airports, hospitals, universities, sports arenas, museums, galleries, real estate, events and tradeshows. Augmented reality technology is particularly advantageous for navigation in these locations because it enables users to overlay digital information onto their physical surroundings, providing them with real-time directions and enhancing their situational awareness. This technology can also help users navigate complex spaces more efficiently, leading to a better overall user experience and quicker navigation to their desired point of interest.


ARway.ai solves current challenges with indoor wayfinding. Indoor wayfinding technologies currently in use suffer from various drawbacks, including costly hardware requirements and ongoing operational expenses. Venue owners and businesses that opt to implement their own wayfinding solutions face significant capital and operational expenditures. Moreover, these in-house solutions often suffer from connectivity issues that can considerably detract from the user experience. Legacy solutions require significant capEx and opEX for venues or enterprises to implement their own solutions.

​Company Highlights

  • ARway.ai is a disruptive technology company providing indoor AR navigation solutions powered by leading-edge AI technology.
  • The company’s no-code and no-beacon platform disrupts legacy solutions and allows enterprises to adopt indoor wayfinding without requiring significant upfront investment.
  • ARway.ai’s app is a multi-purpose platform with use cases including shopping malls, airports, hospitals, universities, sports arenas and theme parks.
  • Apple’s upcoming AR/VR glasses are expected to create a surge in interest in AR technologies. As a result, ARway.ai is poised to immediately capitalize on growing interest and demand for indoor AR navigation.
  • ARway.ai is a spin-off company of Nextech3D.ai, an industry-recognized technology company with products focusing on other 3D, AI and AR applications.
  • The company’s app-based platform is an end-to-end solution that does not require enterprises or consumers to invest in additional hardware.
  • ARway.ai’s clients include Restaurants Canada, Saudi German Health Group and Dubai Mall with 25 pilot programs underway.
  • The CEO Evan Gappelberg has a 25-year successful track record of taking companies public and leads a team of experienced technology innovators.

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