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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Nextech3D.ai Leads 3D Modeling for E-commerce with Generative AI Technology

Nextech3D.ai’s (CSE:NTAR, OTCQX:NEXCF, FSE:EP2) portfolio of products and patents places the company at a competitive advantage, particularly as the advent of ChatGPT brings revolutionary artificial intelligence applications to the forefront of users and investors, according to an article published by The Silicon Review.

According to the article, Nextech3D.ai’s Ai-powered offerings focused on 3D modeling for e-commerce serve a massive market size of about $100 billion out of a $5.5-trillion global e-commerce industry

Nextech3D.ai’s AI breakthrough in 3D modeling allowed it to diversify its 3D/AR businesses such as Arway.ai, Nextech3D.ai, and Toggle3D.ai while continuing to file more patents in 2023, the article said.

To learn more about Nextech3D.ai’s generative AI technology, read the article here.

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