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Voltage Metals


The world is charging head-first towards a future powered by clean energy. Batteries are a vital part of transitioning to clean energy due to their necessity in electric vehicles (EVs) and capacity for storing the electricity generated by renewable technologies. The global battery market is expected to grow by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.2 percent between 2019 and 2027 as it grows from US$11.3 billion to US$20.5 billion in 2027. Of course, it depends on who you ask, as a more recent forecast indicates the global demand will reach US$32 billion by 2028, growing by a CAGR of 12.9 percent.

People tend to think of lithium as the main element for future technologies. While important, we’ll need a diverse range of metals to manufacture the sophisticated batteries green technologies require. Nickel is one such element that has catalytic and electromagnetic properties that make it a valuable element in battery technology. In addition, nickel, cobalt and platinum group metals are now considered critical minerals by the Canadian government due to their importance in clean technologies. Both the United States and Canada are significantly investing in building a domestic supply of the critical metals used in battery manufacturing.

Voltage Metals (CSE:VOLT) is a Canada-based exploration company focused on the metals necessary for batteries, including nickel, copper, cobalt, and platinum group metals. Nickel is an essential metal for the company, as it understands its crucial role in the future of EVs and other green technologies. In general, nickel-focused mining companies typically choose whether to pursue high-grade or high-quantity nickel resources. Voltage Metals is pursuing high-grade nickel that surpasses its peers.

The company has a diverse portfolio consisting of three primary and four secondary assets. Voltage Metals’ flagship property is the St. Laurent Project near Timmins, Ontario, in proximity to notable mines: 20 kilometers southwest is Hecla Mining’s Casa Berardi Mine, 50 kilometers south is Kirkland Lake Gold’s Detour Lake Mine, and 100 kilometers southwest is Wallbridge Mining’s Grasset nickel-copper-cobalt-platinum-group-elements deposit. The St. Laurent Project encompasses massive sulfide targets that contain high-grade deposits of nickel, copper, cobalt, and platinum group metals. Additional airborne exploration has indicated the presence of an anomalous nickel deposit that will be the focus of future exploration initiatives.

Wheeler and Montcalm, Voltage Metals’ other primary assets, show additional promise for exciting battery metal discoveries. The Wheeler Project located in Southwestern Newfoundland and Labrador hosts mineralization containing nickel, copper, cobalt and chromium deposits with defined targets for an upcoming drill program for Q3 2022. Meanwhile, the Montcalm Project in Timmins, Ontario, covers a large land area that encompasses a past-producing nickel, copper and cobalt mine. Combined, all three projects have the potential to help build a domestic supply of critical battery metals.

Voltage Metals is led by a management team of experienced explorers and geologists. Bob Breese, CEO and director, has firsthand experience managing mining operations in Nevada and Falconbridge’s Montcalm mine. Jay Freeman, chairman and director, specializes in corporate and commercial law and corporate financial management. Ryan Cheung, CFO, holds chartered accountant designation, an internationally recognized credential. He is also a chartered professional accountant in Canada with accounting expertise dating back to 2008. Along with a technical team of geologists, Voltage Metals has the right leaders to capitalize on its promising assets.


  • Voltage Metals is a Canada-based exploration company targeting nickel and other battery metals that have been deemed critical by the Canadian government.
  • The company has a diverse portfolio of three primary and four secondary assets.
  • St. Laurent is Voltage Metals’ flagship project, and past exploration has indicated the presence of high-grade nickel. In addition, airborne survey results indicate an anomalous deposit that may contain additional high-grade nickel and will be the focus of future exploration.
  • The Montcalm and Wheeler projects round out the company’s portfolio and contain promising historical exploration data that indicate high-grade battery metal deposits.
  • Management has experience ranging from operations to corporate finance. The management team has all the expertise necessary to lead the company to explore its exciting properties.

​Key Projects

Voltage Metals Key Projects

St. Laurent Project

Voltage Metals St Laurent Project

As the company’s flagship project, St. Laurent covers 42 square kilometers in an active mining region in Ontario. Ongoing exploration programs aim to confirm historical data that indicates the presence of high-grade nickel and other battery metals. In addition, the presence of nearby active mines builds confidence in the possibility of rich metal deposits.

Project Highlights:

  • Close Proximity to Active Mines: Three active mines near St. Laurent indicate the jurisdiction’s stability and the promising geology of the area. Wallbridge’s Grasset mine has a 2016 Indicated Resource Estimate which illustrated the presence of 3.5 million tonnes of nickel at 1.56 percent in addition to 0.17 percent copper, 0.03 percent cobalt, and 0.34 g/t platinum. Meanwhile, the Casa Beradi, a copper and gold mine located 20 kilometers, has produced 931,244 ounces of gold since 2006.
  • Exciting 2019 Exploration Results: The 2019 Pancon Resource Drilling indicated mineralized intervals average over one percent nickel and 0.5 percent copper and 0.05 percent cobalt. The drilling program also extended known mineralization by 500 meters and identified a massive sulfide nickel exploration target for 2022 diamond drilling.
  • Unexplored electromagnetic (EM) Anomaly: An airborne survey indicated the presence of a 600-meter-long EM anomaly that is generally associated with nickel occurrences. However, no drilling has been done to explain the anomaly, creating an exciting opportunity as the drilling gets underway.
  • Upcoming Drilling Programs: Multiple drilling campaigns are slated for 2022 to extend known deposits, explore the EM anomaly and test the depth of known deposits.

The Wheeler Project

Voltage Metals The Wheeler Project

The 100-percent-owned Wheeler Project contains 197 square kilometers, located a short distance from the coastal town of Stephenville, Newfoundland and Labrador. An active mine north of Wheeler has posted promising drill results, while a considerable increase of new claims shows interest in the region.

Project Highlights:

  • Encouraging Stream Sediment Samples: Samples taken on the northeastern half of the project’s area returned high values of nickel, copper, cobalt and chromium.
  • Strong Presence of Nickel: Exploration data indicates the presence of high quantities of nickel, with sampling results including 4,980 ppm and 4,750 ppm nickel.
  • Additional Metals Indicated: Copper, cobalt and chromium have also been identified throughout the property, with exploration data indicating 184 ppm copper.
  • Drill Targets Identified: Voltage Metals has planned drilling campaigns that target four high-priority conductors in Q2 and Q3 2022.

The Montcalm Project

Voltage Metals The Montcalm Project

The nickel-cobalt-copper project is known for having 11 EM anomalies, six of which have not been explored. This includes the two most substantial anomalies that were not explained by a 2019 drill program. Voltage Metals’ land package includes a former-producing mine known for high-grade nickel and copper.

Project Highlights:

  • Encouraging Past Production: The neighbouring Montcalm Mine produced 3.9 million tonnes of ore containing 1.25 percent nickel, 0.67 percent copper and 0.05 percent cobalt. Historical data indicates that up to two million tonnes of ore remains.
  • Promising Anomalies: A 1990 GEOTEM® survey identified 11 EM anomalies throughout the project. Three of those anomalies were the target of the past-producing mine. However, many of the anomalies remain unexplored and unexplained. This creates exciting upside potential for the project.
  • Additional Exploration Planned: Further geophysical surveys and diamond drilling are planned to identify promising metal deposits throughout the project’s area.

Secondary Assets

Voltage Metals is focused on the three projects mentioned above, but it also owns four additional projects slated for future exploration:

  • The Jerry Lake Project: Located near St. Laurent, the Jerry Lake Project is a new target that has never been explored. It’s believed to host similar sulfide mineralizations as St. Laurent.
  • The Gambler Project: The 7,620-hectare project is believed to host nickel-cobalt-copper much like the adjacent Montcalm Project.
  • The Nova Project: The nickel-copper-gold project is only 19 kilometers away from the historical Montcalm Mine and has received little exploration. Sampling has shown the presence of battery metals that make it an ideal fit for Voltage Metals.
  • The Skyfire Project: Historical survey results indicate the presence of silver and gold deposits. A one-meter section of a quartz vein returned 262 g/t silver and 0.27 g/t gold.

​Management Team

Bob Breese – CEO and Director

Bob Breese is an expert in project evaluation and management of junior mining companies, leading them from the development stage to production. Breese was responsible for all engineering functions at Falconbridge’s 3,500 tonne per day production at the Montcalm nickel mine, located outside of Timmins. Previously, Breese managed operations at Klondex’s Midas mine in Nevada. He also completed reserve evaluation reports and internal feasibility studies for Trelawney at its Chester Projects.

Clayton Fisher – President and Director

Clayton Fisher has 15 years of experience in the financial services and capital markets sectors. During his time serving as an investment advisor with Raymond James, Fisher evaluated and financed numerous mineral exploration companies. He has previously held CEO, director, and advisory roles for private and public corporations. Fisher has a bachelor’s of arts degree in economics and finance from the University of Victoria.

Nickolas Mah – CFO

Nicholas Mah has over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry. He worked in senior management positions at major financial institutions, including BDO Canada and KPMG. Mah is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) in Canada and has a bachelor’s degree in science from the University of British Columbia.

Jay Freeman – Chairman and Director

Jay Freeman is the founding partner of JJR Capital, a Toronto-based Investment/Merchant banking organization. Freemen is a former portfolio manager at ScotiaBank, specializing in corporate and commercial law.

Layton Croft – Independent Director

Layton Croft is presently the CEO of Pancontinental Resources, which focuses on exploring the past-producing Brewer Gold mine in South Carolina, US. Croft was a material participant in the acquisition of the Montcalm and St. Laurent projects for Pancontinental in 2019. He is also chairman of Erdene Resource Development, a Mongolian gold exploration company.

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