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Nirvana Life Sciences: Psychedelics for Opioid Addiction Recovery and Pain Management

Nirvana Life Sciences (CSE:NIRV) was founded to develop novel therapeutic products derived from psychedelics.

The company has targeted two products for its first development phase. One product will focus on transitioning from opioids to non-addictive pain relief therapies and ideally prevents relapse. The second product will provide non-addictive pain relief. Nirvana Life Sciences began by acquiring the intellectual property (IP) behind these formulations and has since conducted its own research to advance them.

It has received a Section 56 Exemption from Health Canada, enabling them to legally conduct its research and development in Vancouver. Additionally, its new facility will be built to Level Nine Security Standards to safeguard its research. Pre-clinical research for its formulations have already begun. This research is being undertaken at the University of Camerino in Italy. This lab was granted special permission from the Italian government to work with psilocybin-based compounds. Reports from these trials are expected in Q3 2022.

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Company Highlights

  • Nirvana Life Sciences is an innovative research and development company focused on novel formulations for opioid addiction and pain management that use psychedelic compounds.
  • The company is exclusively focused on products, rather than wellness retreats or psychotherapy programs like some of its competitors.
  • Nirvana Life Sciences’ first phase of development is targeting two products, one to aid in opioid addiction recovery and the other is targeting non-addictive pain management.
  • IP has been purchased from researchers who have extensively studied the effects of psychedelic compounds for medicinal purposes
  • The company is taking every precaution to operate legally and protect against potential criminal elements that may target its facilities
  • Pre-clinical research began in 2021 and the results are expected in Q3 2022 and will determine future developments
  • A strong team of doctors and visionaries lead the company, each bringing their specialty to the company to fully develop its products
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