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Merida Minerals: An Experienced Miner Capitalizing on Spain's Zinc-Copper Deposits

Merida Minerals (TSXV:ESPN) is an exploration and development mining company, focused on zinc-copper-lead deposits in Spain. A strong management team leads the company with a combined 80 years of experience leading mining operations in multiple countries, including Spain. Its flagship project contains promising mineralizations that the experienced managers believe are ideal for repeating past successes. Merida Minerals’ focus is growth via new acquisitions and identifying additional assets with potential.

Map of Iberian Geology
Map of Iberian Geology

Company Highlights

  • Merida Minerals is an exploration and development mining company, led by a management team with directly relevant experience in building one of the most significant mining operations in Europe.
  • The company’s flagship project, Puebla de la Reina, has received historical exploration but minimal development. It contains two encouraging mineralizations that will receive additional exploration and potential development.
  • One of Merida Minerals’ biggest strengths is its management team, having led previous companies to impressive success, such as Iberian Minerals, which reached a total evaluation of C$995 million.
  • New asset acquisition of promising assets is at the core of the company’s growth strategy and exploring its current flagship project.
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